Sun Communications employs the most advanced technical equipment available to provide an array of services for underground utility placement. Matching the needed service to the most efficient method of providing that service assures that our customers receive the most cost-effective and timely solutions to their underground placement needs. We provide the following services throughout Central Indiana:

Sun Communications provides trenching services where they are most cost-effective – in new subdivisions, through unfinished private property, and along the roadside.

For larger materials, Sun Communications employs backhoes to dig large trenches.

Directional Boring
Our directional boring machines are capable of boring over 1000 feet with up to a 24” circumference. Directional boring minimizes the need for landscape restoration and provides an efficient, fast and effective method for underground utility placement.

Cable Plowing
Cable plowing is fast, easy and minimizes the need for landscape restoration. However, plowing is limited to the placement of smaller cables and limits multi-utility placement in the same trench.

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