Sun Communications has a long and successful history of working with utility, telephone and cablevision companies. In addition, we've recently been expanding our services to private individuals whose landscaping needs include the placement of underground wires and cables. For each of our customers, the services we offer vary. Flowing is a brief description of services offered to each type of customer:

Power Companies
Sun Communications’ services for power companies include the installation of commercial and residential services and mainline, placement of cable, placement of wire and conduit, rope blowing, termination of wire, and placement of associated materials, including switch gears, transformers and junction boxes.

Telephone Companies
Telephone companies look to Sun Communications for underground copper and fiber placement, pipe and conduit installation, and rope blowing services.

Cable Television
For cable television companies, Sun Communications provides complete turnkey solutions, including aerial and underground cable placement and splicing, placement of pipe and conduit, rope blowing, fiber optic installation, and construction management of cable television systems placement.

Private Residential
A growing arena for Sun Communications, local power companies recommend us to individuals wishing to place their utilities underground for either aesthetic reasons or reasons of necessity, such as the installation of a swimming pool, which would require underground placement of cables and wires.


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